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Day 1: June 4, 2014

Prize 1: $40 This was recovered by @AlexDoesJax. Alex has contacted me saying "I found $40. I want to bump that to $100 and give it away somehow". Now, that's inspiring

Prize 2: $20 Not sure who found this :) Hope you bought a protein shake. You're skinny.

Prize 3: $20 This was recovered by @AlishaBonetti. I caught on her twitter feed saying after finding the $20, she doubled it by adding $20 more of her own dollars and donating it to the TC Jay fund. Killer

Prize 4: $20 This was recovered by @marxinurface. After the whole event, this guy took a bunch of people out to subway and bought them a sub!

Prize 5: $100 This was a setup. I contacted @marxinurface via twitter to find the fifth envelope. He did, and I told him privately to deliver it to the Man and Child in the next picture I post on twitter. The 5th winner (unknown twitter handle) was handed an envelope by @marxinurface containing $100.